I can’t login

  • Please note that Laemmle Virtual Cinema and Laemmle.com are separate logins. Make sure you are using the right login details. 
  • You can register for Virtual Cinema by visiting this link here
  • You can reset your password for Laemmle Virtual Cinema by visiting watch.laemmle.com/auth/forgot

Can I use my Premiere Card or Gift Card?

  • Yes! You can use Laemmle Premiere and Gift Cards to purchase all LVC content. If using a Premiere Card, make sure to choose the Premiere Card price during checkout.

How do I find my movie?

  • You can access your rented film on any device through your email confirmation by clicking “watch now”.

My movie won’t play.

  • Please confirm that you are not on a VPN (Virtual Private Network).
  • If you are not logged in, you’ll see the word “login” at the upper right of the window. Click “login” and enter your username and password. Please note that Laemmle Virtual Cinema and Laemmle.com are separate logins. 
  • If the player window is a black screen, please click or tap on the window to activate the player controls.
  • If the player shows an error message on screen, please logout of your account and login back in to refresh the player.

Can I rewind and start over?

  • Yes, you can watch your rental as many times as you’d like during the 72 hour period.

I’m from outside the United States. Can I watch your films?

Unfortunately, only those in the United States are able to watch LVC at this time.

Is my information secure?

  • Yes. All customer payment info is submitted securely to our payment processor, Stripe, using the most stringent, PCI Level 1 compliant security protocols.  We do not store any sensitive customer credit card details.