Payment Confirmation – Reel Talk Discount Card

Unable to locate payment record.

  • You will receive a 16 digit number in an email shortly. <THIS IS YOUR DISCOUNT CARD NUMBER> that you can use to purchase discounted tickets for the Reel Talk Series.
  • After receiving your discount card number, go to and select your film, showtime, and select the $20 ticket type named “SERIES CARD DISCOUNT”

  • On the payment page, select the payment option “REEL TALK Discount Card”
    Enter the discount card number in the “card number” field.

    PHYSICAL CARD: Optional: Customers can exchange the virtual card number from their email for a physical card at the theatre.


  • The Discount Card has a value of 8 discounted Reel Talk Series tickets.
  • Customers must purchase a new discount card once their balance is depleted.

(M-Fri 10am to 5pm) or  (310) 268-1913